Board Minutes for July 26th

Napa Sonoma USBC Association


July 26, 2015


Call to Order:

Meeting called to order by Dan Roberts at 9:31am

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:  

Present were: Dan Roberts, Tracy Wyckoff, Dianne Bartke, Shirl Briscoe-Mendoza, Patrick Havens, Bill Pressey,Sandra Davis, Steve Lederer, Pierre Plumel.

Excused: Jose Mendoza, Brian Mecham, Jose Mendoza.

Unexcused: Kevin Mecham, Daulton Hippauf.

Two guests were in attendance, Bev Creech and Renee Robles.

Reading and Approval of Minutes:

Minutes were read. Motion made by Patrick to accept minutes as read, seconded by Pierre

Association Managers Report:

Due to Brian’s absence there was no managers report.

Presidents Report:

Dan Roberts asked directors to sign up for coverage of a league. Alternates were also selected. Directors will check in each month with league Secretaries and Presidents.

Committee Reports:

Audit and Finance: No report

Lane Inspection: No report – Lanes already inspected for the 2015-16 season.

City Tournament: No Report

.Legislative/Policy and procedures: Should be meeting soon to go over by-laws to up-date them.

Nor. Cal and Travel: Napa team won 4 games at the last meet.

Publicity and Promotional/Historical: No Report

BVL: Dan mentioned that he will talk to Dan Sousa about hosting a BVL tournament at Napa Bowl.

Membership: No Report

Scholarship: A Scholarship of $1,000 was awarded to Natalie Melton.

Youth Program: No Report as leagues have not started.

Board Social: Tabled at this time.

Nominating: None

Old Business: The bowling ball donated for the Pepsi tournament will be taken to Sacramento to be given to the winner.

New Business: Bev Creech brought up the subject of why there are no averages turned in to USBC. Bowlers have been calling league secretaries to get this information. Dan reported that there have been several issues with the USBC program and that it was to be shut down for a 24 hour period to up-grade and fix all of the problems.

Dan announced that there are some opening on the board and asked all Directors to check with their represented leagues to see if anyone was interested in becoming a board member.

Meeting adjourned: 11 am

NEXT BOARD MEETING:   Sunday, August 30, 2015 – 9:30 am Room off of the Coffee Shop




Fall – Winter Leagues starting up!

As the Monarch’s Sunday Afternoon had their initial meeting and started up last Sunday it heralded the start of the 2014-15 Fall-Winter Season.  With numerous leagues at Napa Bowling Center every day of the week there are options for everyone.  Just look at the times you are interested in. Its easy to make room at the beginning of the season for any bowler.  If you’ve questions or concerns, feel free to speak up and I’m sure we’ll be able to help.

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Scotch Doubles – August 24th

Napa~Sonoma 500/600 Club

1st Annual Scotch Doubles-Non Certified Tournament

DATE: August 24, 2014
TIME: 11:00 AM
PLACE: Napa Bowl

Lineage   $21.00
Expenses    3.00
Prize Fund 16.00
Per Team  $40.00


Form if Interested

Scotch Doubles Entry form for 600-500 club mbrs 2014


The Napa City Tournament Results – UNOFFICIAL

Last week saw hundreds of bowlers take to the lanes at the Napa Bowling Center for the 2013 Napa City Tournament.  The results aren’t official yet as the bowlers averages have to be checked per rules but here are the current standings as posted at Napa Bowl.


And as always winnings will be handed out at the Spring Meeting coming up.

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Its late but here are the 2013 Napa City Youth Tournament Results

We had the 2013 Napa City Youth Tournament in February with okay turn out and great scores. Below find the final standings for the Preps and Junior-Senior Majors. The trophies were passed out March 2nd.




Youth bowls a 300 and 700 Series!

Sergio Saldana

Its hard to do and rare among the adult bowlers who bowl week in and week out to see, let alone bowl a perfect game. Today we had a High Schooler who did it with modesty.
Sergio Saldana had already been in the running for a 600 series when he hit his third game. After games of 202 and 222, Sergio settled into a rhythm. With half the lanes watching him he calmly finished up with his first, and probably not last perfect 300 game and a 724 series.

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Just a quick Update

Just an FYI –

The Full Board of Directors listed on the About page has been updated as well at the Average Book.

The Napa City Tournament has been scheduled for March 4-10, 2013 with Team Events during the week and Double & Singles on Saturday and Sunday. The owner of the alley is letting go back to this format as long as we fill the lanes, so we’re hoping for good participation. More info about the tournament(s) will be posted later as fundraisers to boost the prize pot and also Youth Scholarships are finalized.

Please feel free to contact the board with any questions.


Napa Junior City Tournament


2012 Results from the team event

Last week saw two Bantam teams and six Preps + Junior/Senior/Major team roll off in team event and today 16 lanes are filled with bowlers in doubles & singles events. With some great scores being announced, how close the teams were last week made it a tough competition. (Results posted above)


City Tournaments for all ages

The Napa City Tournaments are almost here and providing lots of challenge, and for the adult age City Tournaments decent prize funds.


15th Annual Napa Bowl Junior City Tournament

4 member Teams – Saturday February 4, 2012 (Sign ups start at 8:30, bowling starts 9am)

Doubles and Singles – Saturday February 11, 2012 (Sign ups start at 8:30, bowling starts 9am)

3 Divisions Bantam, Preps and Junior/Senior/Majors


Annual City Tournament

March 10-11, 2012

Open A & B and Women’s Championship Divisions – Entries Close Feb 27th


Annual Senior City Tournament

February 27 through March 2, 2012

Entries close February 24th


All entry forms and rules are available at Napa Bowl. Feel free to ask the front desk if you have questions.


All Welcome to Director’s Meeting Sunday and President’s Message

Director’s Monthly Meetings held at the Napa Bowl (Meeting Room #1) on the 4th Sunday of the month at Noon

I wish to report some of my observations this past year.  I do believe this association will grow.  The Board of Directors is still meeting challenges.  We are finding that not only do we need to be willing to work lanes, bowl, and enjoy the experience of working a tournament, we need to be part attorneys, record keepers, secretaries, instructors and last but not least, friends.

Just so you know, we are still “Volunteers” to help with various programs, work with directors, secretaries, the association manager, the president, youth coaches, and others I am sure that I have failed to remember.  If you have some time, we have something for you to do during that time!

I must take this opportunity to congratulate the various committees.  As you know, not all of the committees are active year-round, however those who have been trying to keep Terry and I occupied, have done that.  They have also reported some of the complaints they received while speaking with League Presidents and League Secretaries.  Those complaints have been a little upsetting since we have been trying to be supportive.  However, I am sure that we have made mistakes.  One of the things I have gained from the USBC Conventions is to request solutions for the complaint from the people that dislike something.  Like you, we all have other projects and we want you to know that our (The Board of Directors for NSUSBC) priority is family and you (our Bowling Family).  At this point, Terry and I want to include you in our Director’s Monthly Meetings held at the Napa Bowl (Meeting Room #1) on the 4th Sunday of the month at Noon.  Remember if you do have a complaint, please have a solution for the complaint.

I understand that this is irregular, but Terry and I would like to have you observe and help us solve some of these issues.

Thank you,

D. Sharon Stratton


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