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Winter Leagues starting soon!

Winter Leagues will start meeting this next month and all bowlers are welcome to come by and join one. Whether by yourself or with a team, the secretaries will find a place for you.

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BVL Returns to Napa Bowl!

BVL is coming to Napa Bowl.

Sign-ups begin during your league starting October 16th. You may enter the tournament for each league you will bowl in and the best series for the two week qualifying period will get you a spot in the finals to be held on Sunday, November 13th.

The winner of each division will be eligible to go to the state level to bowl in the Finals in Manteca on March 25, 2017. Prize money will be awarded and all other monies will go to BVL. Please join us in supporting our Veterans!


*** This post will be updated as more info becomes available. ***


Website updates and FYI

We’ve added the 2015-16 Average Book to the list of Average Books.

We’ve added a copy of our By-Laws as the membership recently approved, to the a new section of the site where we’ll be posting the different By-Laws and Policies and Procedures as they get updated.

Secretaries Meeting is Thursday, August 9th at 7pm in Meeting Room 3.

League Meetings have started. Please confirm when your league starts, or if you are interested in a League feel free to call bowl to find when the meeting is.

We’ll be starting a Newsletter back up again. Please contact us (or track down Patrick Havens) if you want something to be included in it.


Membership Meeting July 31!

We are calling a Membership Meeting

July 31st at 9:30am
Napa Bowl Meeting Room 3

Revised By-Laws
Reduced members means reduced board plus bring up to current legal standards.

Awards Program Announced
Since the National Program has reduced awards to just 1 Honor for lifetime, we’re adding awards back.

Dues Increase
Reduced members means need to balance budget.



2016 Napa Senior Tournament

A Senior City Tournament is to be held at Napa Bowl on Tuesday March 22 and Wednesday, March 23.
Team event will be on Tuesday at 10:00 am
Doubles and Singles on Wednesday at 10:00 am.
Check in time is 9:30 am.
Entries close on Saturday, March 19th.
Cost is $20 per event and $5 for All Events.

Apply to be a Director!

If you are interested in having a say, helping out and furthering the sport of bowling the Napa-Sonoma USBC is always on the lookout for Directors.  As always you can talk to any of the directors that are down the bowl, but if you’d rather just skip that step, find the application at the link below and just provide it to the front desk and they’ll make sure it makes it into the Association mailbox.



October 25, 2015 Board Minutes & Announcement

Membership Meeting Sunday, December 6th in Room 3 at Napa Bowl

Voting will be done for various positions and State and National Conventions

Napa Sonoma USBC Association


October 25, 2015

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Your Board Meeting Minutes – September 27, 2015

Napa Sonoma USBC Association
September 27, 2015

Call to Order:
Meeting called to order by Dan Roberts at 9:33am
Pledge of Allegiance: Dan Roberts led us in the Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call:
Present were: Dan Roberts, Tracy Wyckoff, Dianne Bartke, Patrick Havens, Bill Pressey, Steve Lederer, Pierre Plumel.
Excused: Jose Mendoza, Brian Mecham, Jackie Cclayton
Absent: Sandra Davis, Shirl Briscoe-mendoza
Reading and Approval of Minutes:
Minutes were read. Motion made by Steve Lederer to accept minutes as read, with the exception that Jose Mendoza name be removed as it was typed in twice, seconded by Patrick Havens. Minutes approved as read with the corrections.
Association Managers Report:
Due to Brian’s absence there was no manager’s report.
Presidents Report: The preliminary list for committee assignments were passed around for any corrections or additions.
Committee Reports:
Audit and Finance: No Report
Lane Inspection: No Report.
City Tournament: No Report
Legislative/Policy and procedures: No Report
Nor. Cal and Travel: Napa team will travel to Stars in Vacaville
Publicity/Promotional/Historical: No Report
BVL: Dan Souza has given the ok for a BVL tournament to be held at Napa Bowl. More details to follow.
Membership: No Report
Scholarship: No Report
Youth Program: This seasons youth program has started and is down about 10 bowlers over-all.
Board Social: Tabled at this time.
Nominating: No Report
Old Business: None to report
New Business: The board welcomed Paul Fjellman to the meeting. A motion was made by Steve Lederer to accept Paul to the board. The motion was seconded by Bill Pressey. Motion carried and Paul was accepted.
Meeting adjourned: 10:12 am
Date: Sunday, October 25, 2015
Time: 9:30 am
Place: Room off of the Coffee Shop


Just a quick Update

Just an FYI –

The Full Board of Directors listed on the About page has been updated as well at the Average Book.

The Napa City Tournament has been scheduled for March 4-10, 2013 with Team Events during the week and Double & Singles on Saturday and Sunday. The owner of the alley is letting go back to this format as long as we fill the lanes, so we’re hoping for good participation. More info about the tournament(s) will be posted later as fundraisers to boost the prize pot and also Youth Scholarships are finalized.

Please feel free to contact the board with any questions.


City Tournaments for all ages

The Napa City Tournaments are almost here and providing lots of challenge, and for the adult age City Tournaments decent prize funds.


15th Annual Napa Bowl Junior City Tournament

4 member Teams – Saturday February 4, 2012 (Sign ups start at 8:30, bowling starts 9am)

Doubles and Singles – Saturday February 11, 2012 (Sign ups start at 8:30, bowling starts 9am)

3 Divisions Bantam, Preps and Junior/Senior/Majors


Annual City Tournament

March 10-11, 2012

Open A & B and Women’s Championship Divisions – Entries Close Feb 27th


Annual Senior City Tournament

February 27 through March 2, 2012

Entries close February 24th


All entry forms and rules are available at Napa Bowl. Feel free to ask the front desk if you have questions.


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