January 2017 Newsletter

First off, we’re a couple weeks into 2017 you’ll be happy to notice this Newsletter didn’t have that typo you know we all catch ourselves doing. Secondly I want to thank the Secretaries for stepping up and submitting awards on time so we can continue to support you.

This Newsletter I wanted to showcase how your support is influencing the youth to bowl better, and yet there was not enough room to list all the awards they’ve been getting as they steadily got better of the course of the season so far. We’ve noted the number who qualified for BVL and who will be bowling in Manteca for State. We’ve talked about the Pepsi Tournament and how our kids are excited to bowl in it in March. But when selecting who to showcase for awards I ended up having to listing just the top Game & Series Awards. As their City Tournament comes up I want to encourage you to come down and cheer them on.

Download the PDF file .

January 2017 Newsletter


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