The 2016-17 Winter Leagues Are Upon Us!

The Winter Adult Leagues have started meeting (and started up) but its not to late to join now! With 4 new leagues this Winter and bowling happening every day, I’m sure there is a fit for you. All Leagues have room, and whether alone or with a full team, feel free to call a Secretary or check in at Napa Bowl for a fun way to spend some time.


And for Parents wanting a fun activity for their kids, consider enrolling them in a Youth league! For only $12 a week they get 3 games of bowling and get to have fun with other kids. ($10 for Bantams ages 4-7 and 2 games)

Youth Leagues start sign ups Labor Day Weekend and start September 10th at 9am.

Plus your child gets 1 free game if they sign up that weekend.

There is no sitting on the bench being unable to play, as everyone plays. These are a Team Handicap Leagues. Which means everyone has the same challenges, themselves.

What does Handicap mean? Each kid bowls and sets their own average. That average is given a 90% HDCP to add up to 210. For example if a child who bowls 120 is bowling against someone who is bowling 180, and the 120 Average child bowls a 150, and the 180 Average Child bowls a 200 then the lower average child would end up with a higher score as they did 30 pins more then they normally do.

And as its a team sport each child on the team helps each other, and the score are averages, both low games and high games balance out. No matter if they’ve never bowled before they to can improve, and help their team win.

Plus, we’ve free coaching that happens every week. Including one on one time after League Bowling with multiple Certified Coaches available.