January 2016 Minutes

Napa Sonoma USBC Association


January 31, 2016


Call to Order:

Meeting called to order by Dan Roberts at 9:32am

Pledge of Allegiance: Dan Roberts led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:  

Present were: Dan Roberts, Tracy Wyckoff, Dianne Bartke, Patrick Havens, Pierre Plumel, Steve Lederer and Paul Fjellman.

Jr. Board Members: Ariana Nijem, Andrea Nijem, Joseph Havens, Melody Neal.

Excused:  Jose Mendoza, Bill Pressey, Shirl Briscoe Mendoza and Sandi Davis.

Reading and Approval of Minutes:

Minutes were read. Motion made by Steven Lederer to accept minutes as read, seconded by Patrick Havens. Minutes approved as read.

Association Managers Report:   There was no Association Managers Report or Financial report available.

Presidents Report: Dan reported that Brian Mecham resigned effective January 30, 2016 due to family needs. Applications for a new Association Manager will be posted with a closing date of February 12, 2016. Dan Announced that he would be resigning after elections at the general meeting and Pierre Plumel will also be resigning at that time.

Committee Reports:

Audit and Finance: Dianne is waiting to receive the books from Brian for an audit.

Lane Inspection: Completed.

City Tournament: City tournament will be held the first week end in March. We will have Team event on Saturday at noon with single and doubles to follow at 3 pm. Sunday will have singles and doubles at 10 am and team event at 1 pm.

Legislative/Policy and procedures: No Report

Nor. Cal and Travel: Next meet will be on February 14th in Petaluma with Napa hosting in May.

Publicity/Promotional/Historical: No Report

BVL: No Report

Membership: Dianne reported that there have been some new members added to various leagues.

Scholarship: Dan has the scholarship forms and will get them to the school around the first of February.

Youth Program: The Pepsi Tournament will be held at Fireside Lanes in Sacramento on March 13 and 14th. Local City Tournament will be February 20 and 21st.

Board Social: Tabled at this time.

Nominating: Two new board member applications were submitted to the board for consideration. The two applicants were present at the meeting and introduced. Dan accepted them to the board as conditional until elections at the general meeting. Our two new directors are: Rhoda Campbell and Renee Robles.

Old Business: None to report

New Business: None

Meeting adjourned: 10:33 am



Date: Sunday, February 28, 2016

Time:   9:30 am

Place: Room off of the Coffee Shop