May 2016 Board Minutes

Napa Sonoma USBC Association

Corrected MINUTES

May 22, 2016


Call to Order:  Meeting called to order by Dan Roberts at 9:37


Pledge of Allegiance:  Led by Tracy Wyckoff


Roll Call:  Roll called by Dianne


Present:  Dan Roberts, Tracy Wyckoff, Dianne Bartke, Shirl Briscoe Mendoza, Doug Campbell, Rhoda Campbell, Sandi Davis, Joshua Fjellman, Paul Fjellman, Patrick Havens, Steve Lederer, Becci Huffman, Jose Mendoza, Pierre Plumel, Bill Pressey, Renee Robles.


Jr. Board Members:  Joseph Havens, Excused:  Andrea Nijem, Ariana Nijem and Melody Neal


Reading/Approval of previous minutes:  Motion made by Patrick, seconded by Becci to accept the minutes with corrections.  Motion passed.


Association Manager’s Report:  Dianne reported that there was a balance in the checking account of $4,258.34 and the Scholarship had $44,219.97.  Dianne also talked about needing to form some committees for fund raising events.


President’s Report:  Dan announced the fund raising tournament for “EZ”, on June 11, to help family with expenses after he is transferred to a bay area hospital.  Dan then introduced Dan and Jason Sousa. Dan Sousa gave a report on the increase in lineage for the coming year.  Day Leagues will be $12.00, Sr. Leagues will be $11.00 and Night Leagues will be $13.50 and Youth lineage will increase by $1.00. He also reported on the increases for open bowling.  Dan reported that minimum wage will be increasing to $15.00 an hour.


Committee Reports:


Audit and Finance:   Dianne reported that to do an outside audit would cost at least $1,000.00. She is checking into some firms that can do the audit for that amount or less.


Lane Inspections:  Jose reported that lane inspections will be held during the first part of August.


Legislative/Policy and Procedures: Tracy reported that the by-laws were being worked on and a report would be given as soon as the committee had finished up-dating them.


Nor. Cal and Travel:   Steve Lederer reported that the Napa Team is in first place and the next meet will be on June 5, in Pacifica.

Publicity/Promotions/Historical/Hall of Fame/Yearbook.  Patrick reported that Pat John will be giving him some information for the Year Book.


BVL:  Will be held in November.


Membership:  None


Scholarship:  Tracy reported that one application has been received from Michael Esquebel and the committee approved his application and a motion was made by Patrick and seconded by Multiples to accept Michael’s application.


Youth Program:  Dan reported that he is having an Adult-Jr. league starting Monday, June 6th. A scholarship league is possible for the Fall.


Board Social:  Dianne reported that she is working on the Social. More details will be given next month.


Nominating:  None


Old Business:  None


New Business:  Jose presented information for anyone who would like to join the Match Club.  See him for details.


Next Board Meeting will be June 26


Adjourned:  Meeting adjourned at 10:45 am.